Athletics Anthony Smith Takes Championship Honours in Nevis Knockout

Anthony Smith -Nevis knockout champ

On Saturday 5th August, the Skn Moves- Nevis Chapter committee hosted the finals of the It’s a Nevis Knock out Bank of Nevis Limited Cup Challenge 2023

Nevis knockout top three

The backdrop was in perfect harmony in alignment with our top four finalists, bright and breezy and an exertion of real energy, which swirled around the F.I.T wellness grounds.

The Minister of Health, Hon Nisbett, was on hand to assist in the final draw of the pairs who would compete for the fastest time finish on the obstacle course.

The first draw was Anthony Smith vs Jarick Hodge

The second draw was James Weekes vs Osbourne Tafari

The first race got off to a very fast start with Anthony Smith going for gold. He clearly came to win and finished his race off with a score of 2.47 secs. Last Saturday he finished with a time of 3.14 secs.

He managed to shave off a huge 67 secs, equivalent to I minute of 7 secs.

Jarick Hodge kept a steady pace with his competitor, but not even the long legs Hodge could keep up with Smith. He was finally beaten by the consistent pace of Smith.

Hodge finished with a time of 4.05 secs.

Last Saturday in the semi-finals he finished with a time of 5. 14. He managed to shave off 1 minute and 09 secs in the finals. Kudos to him for his efforts.

In the second pairing, both competitors dug hard and fast, hungry for an overall win they battled it out to the very end. It did appear that James Weekes managed the win.

However, the scorekeeper and timers spotted the error: Weekes broke the protocol in not removing his shoes before entering the tent, which meant he was penalized and was given an extra 10 seconds to his finish time of 3.03 plus 10 secs = 3.13 secs.

In last week’s semifinals, he finished with a time of 3.21 secs. He was able to shave off 18 secs.

Unfortunately for him in this scenario, he technically shaved off only 8 seconds. The advantage went in favor of Osbourne Tafari with a finish time of 3.04.

In last week’s semifinals, he finished with a time of 3.05 sec. He shaved off I second.

The presentation
SKN Moves Nevis Chapter committee made a small presentation to the volunteers for their unwavering support during it’s Nevis knockout tournament from the 22nd of July to the 5th, of August 2023.

The Minister of Health et al, Hon. Jahnel Nisbett, presented each competitor with a participatory certificate and the Skn moves Nevis chapter signature rosette.

In her brief remarks, she congratulated each of the finalists and encouraged the public to sign up for the various calendar activities organized by the SKN Moves- Nevis chapter committee.

The Final Presentation was that of the certificates, Medals, and Trophies from Platinum Sponsors, The Bank of Nevis Limited.

Mr. Everette Martin, the CEO, was present to assist with the presentations.

Fourth Place: Receiving a participatory medal- Mr. Jarick Hodge.

Third Place: Receiving a certificate, participatory medal and third place trophy: Mr. James Weekes

Second Place: Receiving a certificate, participatory medal and second place Trophy: Mr. Osbourne Tafari.

First Place: Receiving a certificate, participatory medal and first place trophy- Mr. Anthony Smith.

Mr. Anthony Smith, our second edition winner has produced a personal best and has broken the record with a fast finish time against a competitor of 2.47 secs.

Mr. Glenville Fahe, the first edition winner, 2022, finished with a fast time against a competitor of 3.16 secs.

Osbourne Tafari second edition winner 2023 is second joint fastest on the leader board with a finish time against a competitor of 3.03 alongside James Weekes 3.04 ( minus the added time for breaking protocol).

Congratulations to all our competitors, it was no easy feat, hard work, determination, and the will to win. Continued health and strength.

Thanks to the Bank of Nevis Limited for being the Platinum Sponsors.

The committee is eternally grateful for your partnership in this event.

Special thank you to the NIA Ministry of Health for being the numero uno supporter again.

The committee is also thankful for your continued support.

To each of the committee members and Volunteers, thank you, thank you, thank you all for your hard work and understanding.

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