Athletics EPPS Says Thanks to Sponsors

On Wednesday 28th February, a brief yet significant ceremony was held at the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School. During the ceremony, Chairperson Adelin Phillip expressed her gratitude towards the sponsors who have provided significant help to the school’s Relay Fes and annual sports meet. The school wanted to show its appreciation to the sponsors, and this ceremony was a way of thanking them for their kind assistance.

During the ceremony, the two cleaners at the school, as well as the sponsors’ representatives, were honoured with tokens of appreciation. These tokens included plaques and creatively designed cakes that featured the respective logos of the sponsors. The main sponsors, A1 Farms reps Mackie and Fayola Tross, also received a bottle of wine as a token of appreciation.

The sponsors that were represented at the ceremony are Surrey Paving, Nevis Multi-Line, and Islander Water Sports.

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