Athletics : Exciting Finish in Annual Bike Race

On Sunday, the 28th Day of January 2024, SKN Moves- Nevis Chapter, hosted its Fourth Edition of the 2–Mil Bike relay.

Five Teams battled it out for the Ricaldo Caines Law Firm Trophy Challenge. The teams did not disappoint.

The IT team was short of one which meant that the other two team members, Craig David and Shakir Stapleton had to add two more laps to their already four laps, in effect they completed 2.5 miles each.

One team member of the Defence force, Watson, found himself in two accidents.

Fortunately, he ended up with superficial injuries and a bruised pride but was determined to finish his two miles before handing over.

There was one female competitor in this edition. This young lady has participated in all four editions of the 2-mile bike relay.

The race started late but the teams were revved up and eager to go, producing some fast laps and finishes.

The latter end of any race is the most exciting and this was by far the most thrilling finish of all editions.

Craig David was starting his final lap when his chain snapped on his bike, with his team clearly in the lead at this point. The question was would he be able to keep Power Forward at bay and still win the race?

Fortunately, he was able to continue the race on his own bike as the spare bike was in use by the Defence force team, who in an earlier lap fell and broke the chain on his bike.

They were then in third position at that stage.

Here is the irony, in the name of sport and courtesy: The rival competitor, Mr. Manuel Mills for Power forward assisted Craig David by riding our Craigs Bike to Craig to finish his race. Just as the handover was nigh, Jeffrey Lewis of Power forward realized the advantage his team was in and peddled his heart out to the final hand over for the final leg to Manuel Mills.

The heat at this point was most definitely on. Manuel Mills was on the tail of Craig David as he edged closer and closer to the finish.

Craig, having completed almost six laps, was a whisper away from beating Mills when suddenly, Mills nipped him at the finish line.

It was undoubtedly a breath-taking, bittersweet win for Power Forward. Champions for the 2024 SKN Moves Nevis Chapter’s Ricaldo Caines Trophy Challenge.

Craig David may not have won the fourth Edition, but he won the hearts of the supporters for this event.

Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Gender Affairs, Ms. Latoya Jeffers, made the presentations to all participants.

Special thanks to The SKN Moves Nevis Chapter Committee Members and Volunteers, Ricaldo Caines Firm, Bike Nevis, Red cross, Ministry of Health, Fit Wellness, Nevis Spring Water, Best Buy, Horsford’s Value mart , NASPA. and Kool Blendz. NTV media, Curtis Morton sports page, VON Radio, 20/20 Vision radio, Nevis Pages, HPU Face book Page, SKN Moves Nevis Chapter Facebook page.

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