Athletics : Exciting Road Relays Held at GSS

The Gingerland Secondary School hosted its annual road relays on Tuesday 5th December.

The categories engaged in the races involved junior girls and boys and senior girls and boys and as a bonus, the teachers also entertained the huge gathering by getting involved in a race of their own.

All of the races commenced at the school’s gate and the runners made a circle around the back of the school, past Bull’s gym, past Old Manor, down to Market Shop and back to the school.

All of the races created real excitement and there were some close finishes.

However, the race of the day was the climax of the senior boys’ race when Tjari and KEN-Ken faced off on the final leg.

It was a fight for first place all the way, with Tjari just easing past KEN-KEN, a few meters from the finish line, triggering a protest from the greenhouse fans who indicated that KEN-KEN was pushed.

However, it was confirmed that a committee met and reviewed the tape and did not see the alleged pushing.
The final results:
Senior Boys
Red 9.31-1st

Senior Girls-

Junior boys
Red -10.43-1st
Blue -11.13-2nd
Green-11.48 -3rd

Junior girls
Green -11.45-1st
2nd Blue-13.21-2nd
3rd Red-14.17-3rd

Green House -37 points
Red house-34 points
Blue-29 points

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