Athletics : Honey Bees With Slight Lead At CBIS

The Honey Bees had a slight lead over the Blueberries after completing five cross-country events held at the Cecely Browne Integrated School on Friday, March 1st. The children ran by their ages and capabilities.

The Ivor Walters Primary School showed a tremendous show of support with a huge contingent of students, Headmistress Janice Richards, Guidance Counsellor Shevonne Lowe, and several other teachers present to cheer on the children.

The Top Results for each event are as follows:

Event One:
1st Matthew Avril-Blueberry
2nd Tamar Browne-Blueberry
3rd Jadel Pinney-Honey Bees
4th T’Jhari Powell-Honey Bees
5th Kimani Bello-Blueberry

Event Two:
1st Kyre’Ah Browne-Blueberry
2nd Sienna Richards-Blueberry
3rd Zeykhyja Dore-Honey Bees

Event Three:
1st Jahrique Grant-Honey Bees
2nd Zean Stapleton-Honey Bees
3rd Lucas Eloi-Honey Bees
4th Nickali Bello-Blueberry

Event Four:
1st Maleah Dore-Honey Bees
2nd Jequioya Francis-Blueberry
3rd Rachel Charran-Honey Bees
4th Ernicia Hendrickson-Honey Bees
5th Teshaunte Thomas-Blueberry

Event Five:
1st Andrew Samuel-Blueberry
2nd Kyron Hendrickson-Blueberry
3rd Miguel Calderon-Blueberry
4th Douglas Kelly-Honey Bees
5th Jelani Herbert-Honey Bees

After all events were completed, the Honey Bees had 110 points, and the Blueberries had 99 points, putting the Honey Bees in the lead.

The institution will now host its annual sports meet on Thursday, March 7th, at the Nevis Athletic Stadium at 1 pm.

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