Athletics Interprimary Meet Scheduled

A release from the Education Department has listed the dates for the sports meets for the various schools across Nevis, during what is commonly referred to as the ‘sports term.’

An official at the Department indicated that the list is ‘subject to change.’

It is obvious that changes will have to be made as no fewer than five Pre Schools are listed to have their annual sports meet on Wednesday March 27th:

Charlestown Pre at the ET Willet Park

Maude Smith Pre at the School’s ground

Stepping Stone at the School’s ground

V & J’s Pre at the ET Willet Park

Vern N’ Llew at the School’s ground

It must be noted that the tradition is that the Pre schools normally support each other on their separate sports days and it will be impossible to have adequate video coverage of the events if they are held on the same day. Additionally, two of the schools are scheduled to have their meet at the ET Willet Park on the same day.

The schedule also shows a significant clash of the CSS sports meet on the same day as the sports meet for current Inter primary champions, St.Thomas’ Primary—Wednesday 6th March,

The very exciting season commences with the GSS sports meet on Tuesday 26th February and climaxes with what is dubbed ‘the mini Olympics,’ the much anticipated Inter Primary sports meet on Wednesday 3rd April.

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