Athletics : Nevis Knockout Eliminations Held-Glenville Fahie Comes Out as Top Man

The eliminations for the grand NEVIS KNOCKOUT were held on the afternoon of Saturday 24th September, at the FIT Park.

Thirteen competitors took to the grueling obstacle course, doing individual timed runs.

Glenville Fahie was the top man on the day, completing the course in just over 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

Based on the times, eight of the athletes have now qualified for the quarter-finals, set for this coming Saturday-1st October, at the same venue, starting at 4 pm.

Five of the athletes were effectively eliminated.

The overall results were as follows:

James Weekes -Private sector-Time: 3.25.95 100 points 2nd place in preliminaries-through to quarter-finals

Orion Jones Private sector-Time: 3.27.90 –90 points 11th place -ELIMINATED

Marcus Wilkinson-Private sector Time: 4.18.90 -100 points; 7th place-through to quarter-finals

Manuel Mills Private sector Time: 3.45.37 100 points 5th place-through to quarter-finals

Jamor Merchant Private sector Time: 5.20.53- 100 points; 9th place -ELIMINATED

Glenville Fahie-Private sector Time: 3.16.25 100 points 1st place-through to quarter-finals

Jeffery Lewis Public sector Time: 3.34.70 -100 points; 3rd place-through to quarter-finals

Francisco Dorset Public sector Time 3.39.49 –100 points; 4th place-through to quarter-finals

Thibete Abrahams Public sector Time: 3.54.26-100 points; 6th place-through to quarter-finals

Patrice Matthews Public sector Time: 4.26.30-100 points; 8th place-through to quarter-finals

Tyrone Davis Public sector Time: 5.32.03-100 points; 10th place-ELIMINATED

Dorson Ottley Public sector Time: 6.48.53-90 points; 12th place-ELIMINATED

Jarvon Weekes-Public sector Time: 5.15.40-80 points; 13th place -ELIMINATED

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