Athletics Red House and Blue House Take Honours in CPS Grades 5 And 6 Road Relay

The culminating races for the 2023 road relays, held at the Charlestown Primary school, had to be completed over a period of two days.

The grades 5 and 6 girls ran on the afternoon of Tuesday 17th but rain prevented the holding of the final race.

Therefore, the grades 5 and 6 boys had their race the following morning-Wednesday 18th January.

For the girls, Red house took a decisive first place, but the boys’ event proved to be more eventful

As the Blue house athlete moved towards the finish line, visibly tired, the Green House athlete was making a late bid to overtake, when he was tripped by a bystander.

He got back to his feet and completed the race, but the Blue House athlete had already crossed the finish line.

CPS Grade 5-6 Boys

Grades 5 & 6 Girls
1st Red House
2nd Green House
3rd Blue House

Grades 5 & 6 Boys
1st Blue House
2nd Green House
3rd Red House

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