Athletics : Seniors Mega Meet Rescheduled to Thursday

The off-again-on-again, international sports meet featuring the seniors on Nevis has now been rescheduled to Thursday 26th October, starting at 12.30 pm.

The meet organizers have fully assessed the situation at the ET Willet Park, following the passage of Hurricane Tammy and have concluded that the surface there is sufficiently dried out and safe for the seniors to entertain the large crowd that is expected.

The patron for the day is Ms. Delores Peetes and adults will pay $10.00 and children $5.00 to witness the seniors excel in events such as hitting the ball the furthest, sprints, relays, socks and shoes, pulling on the shirt, bean bag throw, speed walking, water on the head, taking the bundle of wood, dancing with the ball, hula hoop and much more.

The meeting commences at 12.30 pm with an exciting dance past.

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