The leaders of the pack stayed with him from the starting point next to the Gingerland Pre School, through Hard Times and into the top of Rawlins but as they started the decline down Rawlins Road heading back towards the OLD MANOR Hotel, the ‘man’ separated himself from the boys.

It was the annual senior boys cross country event for the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School and Gevorn Hendrickson, as he did last year, demonstrated that he was nicknamed ‘Man’ for a purpose.

He left the remainder of the pack by some distance as he stormed across the main road from Market Shop to the School grounds encouraged with loud cheers along the way.

The top ten placers were as follows:

1st Gevorn Hendrickson Blue
2nd Javari Kelly Red
3rd Brian Maynard Green
4th Tinari Kelly Blue
5th Nazian Dore Green
6th Leshan Moore Green
7th Ordell Griffin Red
8th Lebron Senior Red
9th Bryce Fyfield Blue
10th Leandre Huggins Blue

Final Scores: Red Eagles: 519
Green Giants: 532
Blue Jaguars: 551

Heats Champion: Blue Jaguar

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