Awardees Of The Department of Agriculture 24th Annual Open Day

Charlestown, Nevis, 2018-

At the Department of Agriculture 24th Annual Open Day, on Thursday, March 22, 2018, following persons were awarded:

The patron, Mr Eugene “Bro” Maynard received a fruit basket and a plaque.

Other awardees were:

McLeveon Tross:                                           Crop Farmer 2017


Donald Daniel:                                                Most throughput at Marketing 2017


Wilroy Gerald:                                                 Livestock Farmer for 2017


Oretius Jones:                                                 Most throughput at Abattoir 2017


Indian Castle Fisher Folk Association:             Fisher for 2017


Eric Stapleton:                                                 Most throughput at Fishing Complex 2017


Best Buy supermarket:                                    Supermarket that does most business at Marketing Division


Amethyst Claxton:                                           Market Vendor that does most business at Marketing Division



Outstanding staff at the Department of Agriculture who were recognized:


Ronald King:                                                   Extension Officer


Davin Smithen:                                               Marketing Division


Verneen Williams:                                           Agro-Processing Unit


Donald Morgan:                                              Abattoir


Denrick Liburd:                                              Veterinary Division


Mario Liburd:                                                 Small Farms Equipment Pool Unit


Earl Hanley:                                                  Probation


Kishma Freeman:                                         Extension Division (Indian Castle)


Ismay Hobson:                                              Extension Division (New River)


Petum Kistoo:                                               Extension Division (Potworks)


Kwame Hanley:                                             Green Houses


Orville Bussue:                                              Livestock Division


Kiana Williams:                                              Nevis Disaster Management


NevisPages congratulates all the above awardees for their outstanding performance in Agriculture.


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