Barbados Wins Under 17 Title By A Whisker

Barbados is the undisputed champions of West Indies under 17 cricket for 2018.

This feat was accomplished as the final round of matches was played on Tuesday 17th July.

On the back of a fantastic century by A. Morris, Barbados defeated Guyana to seal the deal and edge out Trinidad and Tobago by just 0.1 point, on the final points table!

Barbados v Guyana

Summarized scores: Guyana 181 for 9 in 50 overs: D. Dick 20; N. Persaud 19

Simmonds, Hoyte and Austin 2 wickets each

Barbados 184 for 4 in 35.5 overs: A. Morris 101*

Deodat 3 for 25

Barbados won by 6 wickets and are the 2018 under 17 champions

Meanwhile, the Leeward Islands, after promising much, earlier in the tournament, went under to Barbados in their previous encounter and then lost to Trinidad & Tobago, on the final day.


Leewards v Trinidad & Tobago

Summarized scores: Leewards 124 all out in 31.2 overs: Rasheed Henry 49

Leon Bassano 4 for 39; Maharaj and Ali 2 wickets each

Trinidad & Tobago 125 for 5 in 34.4 overs: Leonardo Julien 67*

Demari Benta 2 for 26

Trinidad & Tobago won by 5 wickets

In the other match played, Windwards defeated Jamaica by 83 runs.

Final point standings

Barbados 20.6 points-Champions

Trinidad & Tobago-20.5 points

Guyana -19.2 points

Leewards-13.6 points

Windwards-13.4 points

Jamaica-1.5 points

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