Barnes Ghaut Community Highlights Heroes

Gale Grenaway -Center manager

Barnes Ghaut-Nevis-The Barnes Ghaut community has taken time out to honour its own.

Even as the people of the village go through a phase of mourning, for a well-known community member, Zona Hamilton, the community took time out to honour some of its local heroes.

Gale Greenaway -Center manager

Ms. Gail Greenaway, the Center Manager for the Barnes Ghaut Community center, indicated that the idea was to highlight the significant contributions of some of the villagers to community development, within the Barnes Ghaut community and further afield.

An exhibition was held at the community center from Monday 26th to Friday 30th September, which featured photographs and products of the chosen individuals and printed information about them and their contributions to society.

The persons featured in this particular exhibition were: Allan DAD Liburd; Wilfred HAMMY Hamilton; Joseph TUNDA Hamilton; Eglantine Dubberry; Tafari Ayinde; Ernest Smithen; Marion MARIE Liburd; Dawn Jeffers; Dr. Sir Simeon Daniel; Clara Smithen; Denesia Smithen; Shomari SOOKIE Mitchell and Lydia Thompson -Claxton.

These persons contributed to a wide sphere of community life, which included culture, the arts, politics and sports.

According to Ms. Greenaway, persons from within the Barnes Ghaut community and from all parts of Nevis took time out to see the exhibition firsthand.

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