Basketball : Church Ground Under 25 Edge Achievers by One Point

An exciting Basketball game took place at the Church Ground Basketball on the evening of Saturday 10th September.

The visiting Achievers Sports club’s under 25 team out of St. Kitts, engaged a Church Ground representative under 25 team.

The first quarter was close, with the local team leading by four points.

The Achievers dominated the second quarter and led by all of 16 points.

The local team dug deep to bounce back and dominate the third quarter and tie up the scores-57 all

All to play for in the final quarter and at the final whistle, after a tense final quarter, the local team was led by a mere one point.

What a game!

Game Summary
CG Under 25 -74 points Achievers Sports club under 25-73 points
1st quarter Achievers 18; CG 14
2nd quarter Achievers 29; CG 17
3rd quarter CG 26 Achievers 10
4th quarter CG 17 Achievers 16

CG under 25
Gassano Barry16 points; 8 rebounds
Keijarie Huggins 9 points; 2 rebounds
Fabian Forbes 13 points; 4 rebounds

Achievers under 25
Garfield Hodge 18 points; 3 rebounds
Lequame James 6 points; 5 rebounds
Tividi Herbert 8 points; 5 rebounds

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