Basketball : St. Paul’s Wins 25 and Under Tournament

It was the third game in the best of three finals.

St. George’s won the first; St. Paul’s came back to win the second and so the third game in the best of three, was played on the evening of Tuesday 9th August, at the Church Ground Basketball court.

As expected, it was a ding-dong battle from start to finish.

However, as the seconds ticked away in the final quarter, the St. George’s players appeared to raise the white flag of surrender.

Final score: St. Paul’s 72; St. George’s 66

First quarter-St. Paul’s 18; St. George’s 12

Second quarter- George’s 16; St. Paul’s 11

Third quarter- St. Paul’s 20; St. George’s 17

Fourth quarter- St. Pauls 23; St. George’s 21

St. Paul’s
Thabiti Abrams 21 points; 15 rebounds

Martinez Antonio 22 points; 9 rebounds

Fabian Forde 13 points; 10 rebounds

St. George’s
Keijarie Huggins 14 points; 7 rebounds

Nicholas Liburd 29 points; 6 rebounds

Keinaujai Huggins 9 points; 5 rebounds

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