Basseterre High School Break-In Under Investigation

On the morning of Monday 24th April 2023, the RSCNPF responded to a reported break-in at the Basseterre High School’s Food and Nutrition lab, located on the Beach Allen Primary School grounds.

Police interviewed several teachers and learned that several items were identified as missing from the lab.

Included among these are one (1) Master Tech coffee maker; two (2) Master Tech blenders; one (1) Brentwood Air fryer; some money from a cash pan; and an assortment of keys.

The crime scene was processed, and all evidential materials were collected.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The RSCNPF strongly condemns this and all criminal acts perpetuated against educational institutions as selfish, brazen, and contemptuous.

Further, the general public is strongly reminded that the possession, sale, storage/concealment, and purchase of stolen property is a criminal offense.

Anyone found with stolen goods in their possession will be readily prosecuted. The general public will be updated on the investigation as information becomes available. — 30

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