Two matches were played in the local Football league on Nevis, at the ET Willet Park on Saturday night.

In game one, Bath United got the better of defending champions, SL Horsfords Highlights.

It was a hard fought encounter and it was interesting to witness the many youngsters sent on the field by Bath United’s coach, Alex Claxton, fighting manfully against the more seasoned campaigners of the Highlights team.

In the end however, it was Bath United coming away with a hard earned victory.

Final score: Bath united 4 SL Horsfords Highlights 2.

In game two, an even more keenly contested affair, Hard Times and Pioneers ended at the final whistle, in an honourable draw.

One incident of note which really amused the crowd, saw one defender for the Pioneers team been pushed to the ground by one of the Hard Times strikers and the downed player grabbed on to the shirt of the offending player and was dragged for a few meters, much to the hilarity of the crowd.

With seconds to go in the encounter, Hardtimes was leading with a score line of 2 goals to 1 but the Pioneers team managed to sneak one into the back of the net, just before the final whistle.

Make that 2 goals-all.

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