Bath United Football club

The Bath United Football club has come up with yet another exciting initiative.  Long-standing coach of the club, Alex Claxton, informed in a recent interview, that come Sunday 23rd August, the club will be commencing what he has referred to as THE CLASH OF THE SHOPS.  He noted that he has been toying with the idea for over a year now and is happy that the shopkeepers in Bath Village, have bought into the idea.

In a recent draft to select the players to represent the respective shops, Claxton noted that it was so intense, that it lasted for over two hours.

The shops involved and the representatives at the draft:
Joe Claxton’s Shop – The Corner Shop – represented by Jamir Claxton
George Shop -‘You and Me’ – represented by Shakil Hobson
Black Hat’s Restaurant – Black Hat’s Place – represented by Malcolm George Ramsey
Kimbel Ward’s shop-Rose Snackette and Bar – represented by Jasmine Charles
Baker’s Shop – represented by Aljae Newton

The competition will be a seven a side tournament, with six on-field players, plus the goalkeeper.  It will run for twenty minutes per half, with a three minutes break in between.

The opening ceremony will be held this coming Sunday at the Bath village playing field, at 5.30 pm and will be followed by two exciting games.

Matches will be played on Sundays and Thursdays.

Each team was forced to draft two under 13 players in the lineup and they must play at some point in the game.

The teams will play for a championship trophy but there will be incentives for players: Best goalie; best defender; most goals; best midfielder and there will also be a special prize for the impact player of the tournament.

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