By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland-Nevis-A graduation ceremony was held recently at the auditorium of the new Kitchen located at the Jocelyn Liburd Primary school.

Twenty-one boys and one girl graduated from an anger management course coordinated by Founder of the BETA boys club (Boys Empowered to Achieve), former top cop, Mr. Joseph Liburd.

The brief ceremony commenced with prayer by Mr. Joseph Liburd and this was followed by the boys and the girl present, singing the national anthem and repeating their BETA boys’ pledge.

In his overview of the course, Liburd stated that the course was initiated because it was observed that many persons within the community and especially boys, were not managing their anger well. He said that too many boys and men were getting into trouble because of poor anger management techniques.

The course covered four sessions, which were conducted by Nurse Lorraine Archibald and Chief prison officer on Nevis, Mr. Edwards.

Nurse Archibald elaborated on a definition for anger and indicated that it was all part of normal human emotions. She pointed out that nothing is wrong with getting angry but it is how people cope with it that would make a world of difference.

Chief Prison officer Edwards was ably assisted by two prisoners who spoke to the boys about the reasons why they were incarcerated and noted that it was because they did not deal properly with their anger at the time. They advised the youngsters to stay away from prison, as it is not a nice place to be, as their freedoms will be taken away.

Liburd noted that the sessions were vey interactive and the participants asked a lot of questions.

He hoped that the sessions would serve to make the participants BETA for their homes; for their schools; for the community and for Nevis and the world at large.

Also addressing the small gathering, was Headmistress at the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School, Miss Barbara Hendrickson, who lauded Mr. Liburd and his assistant, Police Constable Michael, for ensuring that the BETA boys club continues to function.

She noted that the club will serve to lay a solid foundation for these men and women of tomorrow.

She also congratulated the participants for completing the course as she pointed out that it was good to start but even better to finish.

Certificates were then presented to all of the qualifying participants by Miss Hendrickson and Officer Michael.

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