Big Game Set To Commence Malcolm Guishard Basketball League

The opening of the 2017 edition of the Malcolm Guishard takes place on Sunday 22nd October, at the Church Ground Basketball court.

The mega event begins with an opening ceremony at 6 pm and at 7pm the first scheduled game of the tournament, promises to have the hype of a grand finals.

Last year’s champion team, CG Massives is set to engage multiple times champs, CG Rebels who did not participate in the tournament last year.

What makes this ‘must see’ grudge match even more exciting, is the fact that the CG Rebels players are insisting that the CG Massives only won last year, because they were absent and the CG Massives are adamant that whether or not the Rebels had participated, they would have been champions anyway.

So, the battle lines are well and truly drawn. The 2017 tournament is set to commence with a thriller.

Everyone is invited to witness the start of the tournament and the opening match.

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