By:Curtis Morton

It has now become a tradition and Wednesday 20th April was no exception, as Teddy BLACKMAN Liburd made his usual generous donations to the Charlestown Secondary School (CSS).

During the morning’s assembly period, BLACKMAN presented each of the top athletes in the four competing houses at the school, with an impressive looking trophy.

BLACKMAN has been doing this for the past few years, as a gesture of appreciation to the children, who buy his wide range of locally made drinks, on a daily basis.

The presentation was preceded by a brand new release in song, created by the innovative Gene Amory, which aptly described the various drinks made and sold by BLACKMAN and made reference to him as ‘Di BASS.’

Also speaking at the brief ceremony was the ever dynamic Mrs. Nicola Parris and Headmaster, Mr. Edson Elliot who thanked BLACKAMN on behalf of the students and staff of the school.

BLACKMAN for his part, in his usual humble style, applauded the athletes for performing well and wished that he could have given every single student a trophy.

He also thanked them for their kind patronage of his business endeavour.

The students receiving trophies were:

Blue house –Jaselle Weekes

Green House-Dejal Myers

Gold house-Keshonia Jacobs

Red house-CJ Farrell

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