Bleeding Heart

By: Trevor Cornelius

When Lazarus was sick in the town of Bethany, where he later died, Jesus was in the city of Jerusalem. When Jesus came to the town and saw the Jews comforting and crying with Mary and Martha the sisters of Lazarus, JESUS WEPT! When mothers lose their children through violence and crime their hearts bleed, now there are some things which are going on around us that cause my heart to bleed. I will at this time expound on a few in brief.

It has been said by many in Nevis and around the world that I received money from the NRP to share or to give to voters in Fountain, that never happened and the people who are saying it know but the detractors sow seeds of deception as they continue to say it. Now the Honorable Mark Brantley is on record and has said time and time again that he has gotten One Million United States dollars (US$1,000,000.00) for the poor children of Nevis to help with their educational needs. From 2007 to present not one child of Nevis can say they received one cent from that US$1,000,000.00. If Mark Brantley got the money what did he do with it?

I have been a business man in Nevis for over twenty five years. I own and operate an auto repair business known as Men at Work Auto Repair Clinic. I employ and train people of the communities and at present there are six persons employed by my business. On June 1st 2012 six years after NRP was elected to office Men at Work were awarded a contract to maintain vehicles owned by NEVLEC. CCM representatives and some of its supporters put up a strong campaign against us. Alexis Jeffers on the campaign trail in 2012 leading up to the 2013 election said he would take the contract from Men at Work once elected to office. Many of my family members and so called friends voted and gave him the mandate to victimize me.

During the Budget debate sitting in December 2014, in the house of assembly while searching for something to say, Alexis Jeffers in his presentation revealed that we were paid six thousand dollars ($6,000.00) for the contract. That total was incorrect but on a FaceBook post written by one Picco Williams, there is a picture of me and this Picco stated for that same contract I was paid ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00). That too was incorrect and I made it categorically clear; some people are still meeting me and saying they don’t believe me but God is my witness.

Now the Honorable Vance Amory has gone on record in a press release and said, yes he is indeed aware that one and a half million United States dollars (US$1,500,000.00) was sent to the account of a company owned by himself and his wife. Yet some people are saying that is not true. What hypocrisy!

When NRP were in office and were performing for the people of Nevis, some people said that NRP are doing too much and they voted out NRP. Now that CCM is in office and after two years still can’t get anything done, people are saying, give them a chance. These two years of CCM non performance, are equal to NRP’s first month in office when they were putting things in place.

I remember one instance when the Honorable Vance Amory said in a negative way that five community centers were built by NRP. He further stated that the police station and the police barracks should have not been built and inferred that they are a waste of money. Now some centers are in full use, hosting church services, schools, health centers and other activities. Thank to Joseph Parry and his team for their unselfish love and visionary leadership for Nevis and its people.

As I mentioned before, I own and operate a business. Like many businesses in the Federation , I am seeking some SIDF funding to stock and enhance my operation. Such support has already been given to many people in the country, I am not yet successful and some of my enemies are rejoicing but I will prevail. I have faith in the system. Nevisians have done more to hurt Nevisians than Kittitians have done to hurt us.

In St. Kitts, the Peoples Action Movement (PAM) is trying to get into government to do whatever little they can do for St. Kitts. I am convinced that they mean no good for Nevis as history has already proven. CCM in government has joined with them so PAM can be successful at the polls to carry out their wishes. Now on the other hand, the CCM is fighting the ST. Kitts Nevis Labour Party and its leader for helping and doing all they can for Nevis and its people.

Years ago when the opposition in Nevis contested the federal seats, the CCM government of the day strongly opposed and said, they would not be able to do anything as the NRP was not in office in Nevis. The Honorable Patrice Nisbett has proven that statement to be totally untrue. CCM is in office in Nevis and without the Hon. Patrice Nisbett who is an NRP representative in the federal cabinet looking out for the interest of Nevisians, where would we have been? CCM has no interest in the people of Nevis.

When NRP were in office, they dismiss some persons from their places of work. Mark Brantley went on record and said as much forty persons were dismissed. To me, it’s forty too much. Now CCM is in office for just about two years and have already dismissed over two hundred persons and some people are defending it. CCM was at White Hall play field on Saturday 24th January to celebrate their second year in government. On Monday 26th January 2015, they topped off the celebrations by giving Orville Daniel a letter of dismissal. NRP need to hurry and get into government to save Nevis and its people. CCM greatest achievement, is unemployment.

It is the first time in the history of governance In Nevis I see a government elected to office by the people and create enemies with the people they ought to serve. These hurting people and many more give me a Bleeding Heart. When your heart feels the unmistakable tug of deep emotions your world is forever changed. You don’t have to look for the definition of the word commitment; it is explained by experience. I believe that what you commit yourself to will change what you are and make you into a completely different person. It is not the past but the future that conditions you because what you commit yourself to determine what you are more than anything that ever happened to you yesterday or the day before. The simple questions are, what are your commitments? Where are you going? What are you going to be? If we have not decided then it is fair to say we have no identity, no personality, and no direction. Our actions are governed by two influences, the cognitive domain is governed by the mind and the affective domain is controlled by the heart, Which influence is most powerful? The power of your emotions is infinitely stronger, you’re reasoning or logic we ought to hold on to our hearts for if we let go we will soon lose our head. This is a reminder to stop a bleeding heart.

Since our feelings and passions are so dominant and commanding it is vital that our commitments are based on truth and strong values. The vast majority of Americans share respect for certain fundamental traits of characters, honesty, compassion, courage and perseverance, there are virtues that should be the bedrock on which any change is based. A person may be endowed with attractive physical characteristics, have a delightful personality and dress with style and flair but such things are only wrapping on the package. What is on the inside? What about the person’s basic character? You see my friend’s, money doesn’t change men. If a man is naturally selfish, arrogant or greedy the money brings it out. The words found in Proverbs 23 are as powerful now as the day they were written, “For as he thinks in his heart so is he”. Those who build their life around the worship of intellectualism are missing the point. The thinking that matters most comes from your spirit and soul not from your reasoning process of your mental prowess. All the knowledge that one passes everyone can acquire. But the heart is all our own.

Declare your intension, Are you a promise keeper? Your reputation is as good as your word. If u make a commitment be prepared to live by it. King Solomon once said “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and living favorably than silver and gold”. Where we fail to link our lives with others we become unpleasant, in some cases we self destruct.

Let us as a people of Nevis stop being contrary to the facts. Love our fellow men, give God praise. Digest the Our Father Prayer. Doing these things will save a bleeding heart. We can either exist with constant fear and anxiety or we can choose to live with zest and enthusiasm.
Digest these details.

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