Body Builder and Former Fast Bowler Attract Most Traffic at Sports Museum Week

By: Curtis Morton

It was a busy day at the Nevis Sports Museum on Thursday 11th July, as the 3rd annual Nevis Sports Museum week continued.

The two featured sporting personalities were: former Nevis and Leeward Islands fast bowler, Mickey Mills and famed Body Builder, Colin Lazarus.

It was the busiest day yet, by a long shot, as no fewer than four schools sent representatives to meet with the sporting stars and to get autographs etc.

Both Sportsmen spoke from their heart to the children and implored them to stay away from drugs, gangs and other negative vices.

Mickey Mills stressed alot on giving respect—to parents, teachers, adults within the community and even asked them to learn to respect themselves. ‘Respect is earned,’ he told them.

Colin Lazarus drew a few smiles when he told the children that cell phones do not multiply but sheep, goats and cattle multiply and could be a worthwhile source of income. He was explaining to the children that instead of buying expensive phones and other gadgets to be used in negative behavior, they should invest in the raising of animals that would ultimately become a source of income and food.

The two sporting personalities did not leave until well after 11 am as they signed autographs and interacted with the children.

The week climaxes today with special recognition being paid to three departed sporting stalwarts: Cicely Grell Hull; Basil Challenger and Tesril Nisbett. It is also a day when pictures; sporting equipment and other artifacts will be added to the Museum’s collection.

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