Body Building Toni Nisbett Goes Pro

Miss Toni Nisbett, from Nevis, represented St. Kitts and Nevis at a bodybuilding competition in the Bikini Fitness category. The show was held in Barbados on Saturday, May 11th. In round one, she competed against fifteen young ladies from different countries, including Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda, Russia, and Italy. She won in the class of up to 164 centimetres while Barbados won in the tall class category of over 164 centimetres. They had a round to determine the overall winner, with Miss Nisbett and the Barbados home team winner competing in a grand showdown. In the end, Miss Nisbett was adjudged the overall winner!

Winning the competition was not the only good news for Miss Nisbett. She qualified for her IFBB elite pro card, which now entitles her to compete as a professional bodybuilding athlete. She is now the first such athlete in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. While amateur athletes receive trophies when they win, pro athletes receive money as part of their winnings, which is called ‘big money,’ according to Miss Nisbett. The same evening, she was invited to pose with the other pro athletes present.

Miss Nisbett used the opportunity to encourage more male and female athletes within the federation to get involved in the bodybuilding fitness regime. She expressed her view that such persons will become more disciplined, eat healthily, and maintain great fitness levels. Miss Nisbett is now looking forward to competing in her first professional competition, whether later this year or early next year. For the time being, she will give her body a bit of rest.

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