Brathwaite Penalized for Reckless Behaviour

(Barbados Today)

Carlos Brathwaite, the Birmingham Bears captain, has been accused of “reckless” behaviour during his side’s seven-wicket defeat against Derbyshire in the Vitality Blast on Sunday, after being hit with five penalty runs for throwing the ball at the opposition batter, Wayne Madsen.

Brathwaite instinctively threw the ball to break the stumps but instead hit Madsen’s bat handle, with the ball deflecting away for an overthrow. Brathwaite raised his hand straightaway to apologize to Madsen, indicating it was not intentional.

Madsen, however, was unimpressed, immediately gesticulating towards the square-leg umpire, Ben Debenham, before being called through for the run.

Brathwaite was ultimately penalized for a Level 2 offense under the MCC Laws pertaining to ‘Unfair Play.’

Madsen: “I was in my crease and he didn’t even look. I know it’s a competitive game but if that had hit me on the back of the head… there is real trouble.”

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