The man who has been named ‘The Father of Body Building on Nevis,’ Hubert Desmond BULL Liburd, received a fantastic home going service on Wednesday 7th September.

The Gingerland Methodist church was packed to capacity and the overflow spilled to the exterior of the building.

People came from all walks of life, including local parliamentarians, to support the grieving family.

The service of thanksgiving was officiated by Pastor Theophilus Kelly and Elder Sydney Newton.

An impressive entrance was made with the coffin being borne by six muscle men from the popular Bull’s gym.

Among those paying glowing tributes to the late muscleman, were huge contingents from the Charlestown Secondary School and the Ivor Walters Primary school, where he worked as a Security guard, in the latter stage of his working life.

Other tributes were paid by SL Horsfords, Kurvin Wallace, Meredith and Sylvia Hendrickson; The Advent Minstrels and the Brethren Assemblies of Nevis.

His daughter Shani Herbert also paid tearful tribute to her Dad, who she indicated always wanted her to lift weights and she vowed she will do so now, in his honour.


The eulogy was eloquently delivered by older brother, Joseph Liburd, who stated that he will not cry and managed to keep his promise.

He indicated that Bull was introduced to Body Building while working in Anguilla and upon his return to Nevis, he set up the first gym on the island.

From there he would have trained many men and women into becoming fit athletes and organized several Body building shows in St. Kitts and Nevis. He was due to host a 25th anniversary big event, next month, but that was not to be.

Interestingly, Liburd revealed that his brother did not get the nickname ‘BULL’ because of his powerful physique, but because as a youngster, while he was involved in his many fights, he had a habit of butting.

He hailed him as ‘The Father of Body Building’ on the island.

The sermonette was delivered by Pastor Theophilus Kelly and the body was interred at the Gingerland public cemetery.

The unanimous consensus of opinion was that the beloved muscleman ‘was gone too soon.’

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