Bull’s Gym Makes Patrons Extra Happy For Christmas

Joseph Liburd indicated that Bull’s Gym was always about giving back to the community and giving back to its valued customers.

He noted that the management of the Gym decided that they would give back something special to the patrons for December 2018.

In a brief but significant ceremony held on Thursday 29th November, he stated that specifically for the members of the Gym, the month of December has been designated as ‘Customers’ Appreciation month’ and therefore all of the customers of the Gym will work out for free, during the month of December—even patrons who have just recently signed up.

The Management of the Gym has gone even further and has decided that even if someone signs up in December, they would be allowed the month of December free and in effect they would be paying for January 2019.

The surprises were not done yet. Liburd then went on to announce three life time membership awards as follows:

Jacinth Thompson-longstanding customer from the origins of the gym-oldest patron

Mildred Martin-long standing member from origins of the gym

Cynthia Lawrence-for steadfastness and courage-used gym as means of recuperation since a very serious accident.

Additionally, members of the gym were also presented with a bag each, marked ‘Bull’s gym-no pain –no gain.’

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