Burnt toast stops play


 Your team is batting. Victory is in sight, with an entire day to spare. And it seems like you won’t be needed at the crease. Nathan Lyon was in paradise at Allan Border Field in Brisbane on Wednesday. At least until he decided to make himself a piece of toast.

A few minutes later, an alarm sounded, play was stopped, fire engines arrived and a sheepish confession had to be made. “(The toast) popped up first and I wasn’t happy so I put it back down and I got carried away watching the cricket,” Lyon said dryly. “There’s a first for everything.” In this case, it was burnt toast stopping play in the match between New South Wales and Queensland in Australia’s Sheffield Shield.

“Steve Smith already said he’s going to cover it (the fire truck call-out fee).” Lyon said having provided another bizarre entry to the list of things that have stopped games of cricket.

The incident occurred during the afternoon, which prompted the umpires to clear the Stuart Law stand, where all personnel ranging from media to scorers to the players were put up. This led to a delay of about 30 minutes while the authorities who had arrived at the ground took charge of the scene. Once the all clear was given, New South Wales secured the runs they needed to wrap up a six-wicket win and strengthen their position atop the points table.

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