Butlers Community Features Their Own

By: Curtis Morton

Butlers—Nevis- The Butlers ommunity celebrated Community Day, as part of the ongoing activities hosted by the Community Development Department, on Tuesday 12th May.

Artifacts on display at Butlers community Center
Artifacts on display at Butlers community Center

The activities were held at the Butlers Community Center and were coordinated by Community Development Officer for the St. James’ Parish, Ras ‘Iroy’ Pinney and Center Manager, Mrs. Cordelia Browne.

The wonderful display featured some of the outstanding villagers which included the oldest living individual in the village, Mr. William ‘Willie’ Douglas; the most outstanding athlete from the village, Adrian Williams who has excelled at javelin and is the top exponent of the art in the Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis.

There was also a book display which highlighted local writers, but significant mention was made of the village’s own son, Mr. Whitman Browne who is famed for his outstanding works on the Christena Disaster, among other works.

In Culture, now deceased cultural icon, Owen Bussue was featured and some of his hand made banjos and guitars were placed on display.

There were also local handicraft items on display which included straw hats and woven baskets. There was also a farming display which included a display of the tools of the trade and various types of bush used for medicinal purposes.

Butlers as a fishing village was also highlighted and various types of fish and fish pots were on display.

One of the favourite display tables however, featured old time artifacts which included the laden, the dung basket, the goose, the iron, the monkey, weights used by shop keepers in the old days among other items.
Community members visited the center throughout the day and a small contingent also paid a visit from the nearby St. James’ Primary School.

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