BVI Could Use Land in Guyana for Agriculture

Source : Loop Caribbean
The government of the British Virgin Islands is contemplating an offer from Guyana to use lands in that country for agricultural produce.

This is according to Junior Minister for Agriculture Dr Karl Dawson who said the possibility of BVI farmers producing food in Guyana was discussed when he met with officials there recently.

“It certainly came up, it’s something that the government of Guyana has on offer. Barbados has space in Guyana for agricultural production. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility as we look for ways to feed ourselves,” said Dawson who was speaking at a press conference earlier this week.

The government of Guyana recently agreed to allocate 50 acres for Barbados farmers to use for agricultural production.

In the meantime, Dawson said if the BVI were to produce food in Guyana, cheaper shipping costs would make the venture viable.

Presently, it is costly to ship to and from Guyana because of the distance but with the discovery of oil and the opening up of the Guyanese economy, it is anticipated that shipping costs will become cheaper in the near future.

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