Calypso Eliminations on for weekend

Twenty-one (21) calypsonians have been confirmed for this weekend’s Senior Calypso Eliminations that will be held at the Carnival Village on Victoria Road, Basseterre, at 8:00 p.m., according to the Co-Chair of the organizing committee.

Among them will be four former Monarchs, in the persons of Socrates, Miss Independent, Craig and Astro.
However, the man who has been given the responsibility to open the proceedings and will be first on stage on Friday, 19th December, is Murray.

This year, unlike previous years, there will be no Semi-Finals. This means that the artistes will be vying for one of the seven spots available in the Finals, which is slated for 30th December.

Those listed to perform and have already selected their appearance numbers are:
1. Craig
2. Diva
3. Socrates
4. Miss Independent
5. Hollywood
6. Irvin
7. Takeover
8. Lady Gemm
9. Carens
10. Lord Matt
11. Lala
12. Murray
13. Quantash
14. Awesome navigator
15. Alamoulu
16. Lord Kut
17. Payne
18. P-au-u-la
19. Kibi

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