Candle Light Vigil staged to remember Everette Hanley

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-On Saturday, April 26, 2015 a Candlelight Vigil Ceremony was held to commemorate the life of Everette Llewellyn Hanley, a former employee at the Bank of Nevis Ltd, who was gunned down at his residence in Hamilton Estate, on Friday, April 19, 2015. Persons gathered at the Credit Union Building, on Chapel Street in Charlestown, and walked to the Bank of Nevis Ltd where a brief ceremony was held.

The ceremony started with the Invocation by Pastor Davidson Morton. This was followed by a passage of scripture read by Mr. Denrick Liburd.

Chairperson of the event, Mr. Jervan Swanston, gave the opening remarks. He told those in attendance that the deceased had encountered an unfortunate situation and as a result of that met his untimely demise. He also noted that in times like these, there are usually more questions than answers but he is hopeful that everyone, especially the family members of Hanley, would find comfort in this time of sorrow and grief.

Mr. Everette Martin, who currently serves as Manager of the Bank of Nevis Ltd, also gave some remarks. He stated that the BON will miss the services of Mr. Hanley tremendously, due to the wealth of experience and professionalism, he brought to the institution. Mr. Martin said he was familiar with the deceased since he was a child noting that his first experience with his namesake was at the age of twelve when Mr. Hanley was employed at Barclays Bank. He continued, “When I was twelve years old, an adult sent me to Barclays Bank to conduct a transaction and I met Mr. Hanley and he told me adamantly, that the person who sent me knew for a fact that I would not be able to do that transaction so from that point I was cognizant that he was extremely professional”.

He also indicated that they worked very closely at the BON and before departing work on a daily basis, they would normally inform each other about their departure, but on that Friday it did not happen. Mr. Martin said that he was not present at the Bank when Hanley made his exit and because of that, he was not afforded the chance of saying goodbye. In closing, Mr. Martin expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Hanley and urged everyone to be extremely careful and cautious noting that the occurrence could have happened to anyone of us.

Mrs. Jessica Lewis, also spoke at the ceremony. She indicated that Hanley was a schoolmate of hers, whom she dialogued with very often. Mrs. Lewis stated, that one of the things they spoke about was the areas in which they were residents of and how secured those areas were. She stated that when she told him that her place of residence was Bath Village; he was a bit concerned noting that it was a crime infested area. Mrs. Lewis said that when she heard the devastating news about Mr. Hanley, she was instantly reminded that nowhere is safe providing criminals minds are made up to carry out evil deeds. In conclusion, she said that she was optimistic, that her friend would rest in eternal peace and that the family would find solace in the almighty God.

Organizer of the event, Ms. Rodney Elliott, also spoke briefly. She indicated that she knew Mr. Hanley for a very longtime but a number of years had passed without seeing or being in contact with him. She stated that one day, whilst conducting business at the Bank of Nevis she saw him and asked him if he was familiar with her face and he looked at her in a very strange manner and said, “I am not too sure tell me who you are”. Ms. Elliott noted that when she told him who she was they hugged each other tightly and from that day onwards, they remained connected. Rodney said that she was saddened by the passing of her friend, but there is a God that sits above all of us and he sees and knows everything.

Mr. Jason Cranston, who is known to be a close companion of the deceased, gave some brief remarks. He told the gathering that Everette was one of his closest friends, whom he had great respect and admiration for. Mr. Cranston commented on Mr. Hanley’s humility, stating that he was very down to earth and it was virtually impossible to ignore how humble he was. He indicated to those assembled, that every Friday they would meet up at a particular shop with some other friends for fun and enjoyment. In closing, he stated that Mr. Hanley will be missed by all who knew him and the memories they shared will be cherished forever.

Junior Minister to the Nevis Island Administration, Hon. Troy Liburd, Dr. Glenville Liburd, Carl Lewis and Mr. Mackie Tross also gave brief remarks.

The event concluded with a Prayer done by Mr. Hastings Daniel.

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