Cane Garden students receive second instalment from textbook initiative‏

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (AUGUST 16, 2016) – The Cane Garden Community Improvement Club Incorporated donated EC$4,000 worth of books to students of the Cane Garden community on August 15, 2016, as a part of its Text Book Initiative Drive. The donation is the second of its kind since the group began in 2015.
During the handing over ceremony, President of the Club Randy Elliott, explained that the programme was launched one year ago to provide text books to students within the community.
Elliott explained that the initiative affords students with an equal opportunity in education. Through the drive, textbooks are provided through fundraisers and contributions from parents. This year, LEFCO Equipment Rental and Construction Company Ltd. agreed to assist with sponsorship for the initiative.
The President stated that this year the club decided to provide the students in the Cane Garden community with 95 percent of the text books. In 2015, the group provided 80 percent of the text books.  They have also agreed adopt an out of community student this year, to assist with purchasing text books.
 He used the opportunity to encourage the students to take advantage of the opportunities offered through the programme.
“We believe that our children are our future. We believe that they are the ones that will continue. We believe that we should equip them with what is necessary.
“I do encourage the children to use the books wisely. They are your tools towards education and you should take every opportunity that is granted to you,” he said.
Hon. Troy Liburd, delivered remarks on behalf of the Area Representative and Deputy Premier Hon. Mark Brantley. He encouraged the students to be diligent in their studies.
“It is your turn now to put in a little hard work to be diligent. Make sure that when you go to school you pay attention. Ensure that you learn what you are doing there. When the time comes to play, go and play but when it’s time to do your work, go out and do the best that you can do.
“I want to urge all of you young people, to take advantage, people are trying to help, take advantage of that help. Do the best that you can do and when you get to adulthood, ensure that you do something positive,” he said.
Minister Liburd took the opportunity to commend the club for its initiative. He also noted the significance of the initiative.
“Too often in these small islands, everything is left to government and government can’t do everything on its own. Government has the duty to look after the people but that duty only goes so far. There is only so much that government can do.
“When communities come together, rally around each other and rally with each other, those are the communities that will be stronger communities,” he said.
Other remarks came from former Area Representative Hensley Daniel, Managing Director at LEFCO Robelto Liburd, Vice President of the Cane Garden Community Improvement Club Incorporated Petronella Hinds, Education Officer Terres Dore and Police Officer Shawna Pemberton.
The opening prayer was delivered by Pastor Linden Providence and the Vote of Thanks by student Tameshwar Rajkumar. The Group’s Public Relations Officer Gweneth Browne served as chairperson.

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