Gingerland –Nevis-Tuesday 23rd January was a very important day in the life of Mr. Eugene Pemberton aka CANON, OF Cox Village.

On that day, he attained the ‘ripe old age ‘of 80.

He was visited throughout the day by family members and friends and also received a visit from representatives of the Ministry of Social Development, led by Minister of Community Development, Hon. Eric Evelyn.

Ag. Coordinator of the Seniors’ division, Miss Trudy Prentice chaired a brief program, which included prayer by Mrs. Mariney Newton.

Remarks were also delivered by Miss Joyce Moven, Deputy Director at the Social Services Department, who teasingly questioned the validity of stated age, based on his youthful outlook.

She however, asked him to continue to trust God and allow things that could stress him ‘to slide’ and to bat on for the century

Hon. Eric Evelyn noted that many persons are reaching such significant age milestones in Nevis and are still looking good.

He pointed out that Pemberton would have worked hard all of his life: He worked as a farmer; worked at Montpelier hotel for 20 years; plays the guitar and has been a member of the HONEY BEES string band for over 35 years and is the village shoemaker and serves persons throughout Nevis as well.

Add to that the fact that he is an ardent church man and has served diligently and well at the Gingerland Methodist church.

Minister Evelyn took the opportunity to encourage his relatives and friends to continue to look out for him, even though he is quite capable of looking after himself.

He then presented the ‘birthday boy’ with a plaque and a fruit basket, on behalf of his Ministry and the City Drugstore.

All gathered, then sang the birthday song and toasted to the continued health and longevity of the celebrant.



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