Capisterre’s October walk was dedicated to breast cancer patients

Capisterre, St. Kitts, October 28th 2017 – Saturday’s monthly walk organised by the Capisterre Health and Wellness (CHAW) Club was dedicated to all persons in St. Kitts and Nevis, the Caribbean and worldwide who suffer from breast cancer.

The walk along the island main road from the entrance of Brimstone Hill National Park at Romney Estate, just outside the town of Sandy Point to the Robert L. Bradshaw National Heroes Park in St. Paul’s, demonstrated to the residents of those communities the awareness to the disease.

“They reminded our nation’s women to pursue their regular screening checks for breast cancer and to seek early medical intervention if detected. At the end of the spirited and challenging health exercise and just before partaking of a healthy breakfast, there was observance of a moment of prayer and silence for the late Elvis Rochester (Bradshaw) of Newton Ground in memory of his life and service to the Cappisterre Communities, the Parks and Beaches Unit of the Department of Environmental Health and the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP), our nation’s progressive and inclusive political organisation, that has been doing good for the last 84 years since it’s inception,” CHAW said in a statement.

After breakfast, members celebrated with winners of prizes from their achievements. Winners of the various categories were: New member to complete the walk, Keon Buchanan; The youngest member to complete the walk, Kedesha Weekes; Most Senior Male to complete the walk, John Woodley and the most Senior Female to complete the walk, Ridley Challenger.

The prizes were six pack cases of Pink-colored Ting beverages, new products of St. Kitts Breweries.

This month’s CHAW Club walk was jointly sponsored by GLOBAL LIFESTYLE FOUNDATION (GLF) and Island Purified Water. and

The CHAW Club is open to membership from individuals, community, church, sports and school groups and organisations especially of young people who are dedicated to pursue healthy living in our communities and country.

The CHAW Walks are held on the final Saturday in each month, starting at 6 am and persons who would like to join in the exercise are asked to listen out for the CHAW Club activity for November 2017.


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