Caribbean governments seek advice of final court on free travel, free movement

Caribbean Community governments have asked the region’s highest court to give them an opinion as to whether a member of the 15-nation group of countries can legally opt out of decisions taken by the collective regarding the right of some categories of Caribbean citizens to live and work anywhere in the region.

The Guyana-based community secretariat wants the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to indicate whether it acted correctly in granting special permission to the Eastern Caribbean nations of Antigua and St. Kitts, allowing them to opt-out of their obligations to allow farmworkers and security guards to live and work freely in the two nations in keeping with rules from the umbrella single market and economic system.

The court has already heard verbal arguments from a slew of attorneys and has promised a decision in the coming days, given the importance of the case to governments as a precedent.

Current single market rules allow leaders to determine which categories of workers and professionals could benefit from the right to live and work freely in the bloc of nations, stretching from Guyana and Suriname on South America’s Caribbean coast to Belize in Central America. Read More ……

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