CBIS Hosts Annual Sports Meet

By:Curtis Morton

They are otherwise known as the students of the Special Education Unit but since last year, the new nomenclature is even more motivating. They are now officially the students at the Cecely Browne Integrated School (CBIS).
On Thursday 18th February, the school hosted its annual sports day event at the school’s ground.

Quite a number of enthused parents and other family members showed up to support the children in their endeavours.
The students engaged in such fun events as: Bucket and ball race; Volleyball throw; endurance race; 50 meters hurdle; medley for boys and girls; thread the roll; water race and bean bag race.

Some of the star performers were as follows:
Bucket and ball
Tonya; Olequan and Rodney
Volley ball throw
Soronlli; Letisha and Ossasso
Endurance race
Ambika; Tianna and Zackaye
50 meters hurdle
Letisha; Soranlli and Mylalah
Medley –girls
Soranlli; Chelsea and Letisha
Medley boys
Ossasso; Viano and Zhamar
Thread the roll
Tianna; Zackyja and Zean
Water race
Tonya; Tiarce and Rodney

Bean and bag race
Ambika; Zackyja and Zean

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