Monday 27th February was the day that the Cicely Browne Integrated School (CBIS), held its annual sports meet, at the school’s ground, under the distinguished patronage of former student and ace swimmer, Miss Tamika Wells.

The meet was held under the theme: ‘Effort and determination brings success.’

There was quite a gathering in attendance, which included the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, Miss D. Michelle   Liburd, her Asst. Secretary and Principal education Officer, Mrs. Palsy Wilkin, along with parents, siblings and other family members of the students.

Also in attendance and participating in some of the races, were students from the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School (JLPS), under the supervision of Coach Kurvin Wallace and the Ivor Walters Primary School (IWPS), under the supervision of Coach Govanie Hendrickson. Both coaches were lauded by Supervisor at the school, Mrs. Violet Clarke, for their outstanding work with her students over the years.

The meet commenced with prayer by mother of the patron, Miss Irma Wells and this was followed by the singing of the national anthem.

Opening remarks were given by Supervisor, Violet Clarke and then the athletes got involved in their warm up exercises which were coordinated in the main, by Coaches Wallace and Hendrickson and which involved an emphasis placed on  AGILITY and BALANCE.

The children then competed in a number of fun activities which included: Zig zag races; t-shirt and bottle races; Medley events; obstacle races; egg and spoon/bag and bun eating race; three legged race  and a 50 meters dash.

The teachers also took the spotlight in a sprint race which was easily won by Jennifer Liburd, even after giving the others a head start.

There was much fun and laughter as the little stars excelled on the track and the spectators were thoroughly entertained.

There were no house competitions involved and all of the participating athletes , received medals at the end of the meet, which were presented by patron Tamika Wells.

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