Celebrating Unprecedented Participation and Enhanced Prize Monies for National Carnival Events

The St Kitts & Nevis Carnival Committee is thrilled to announce that the return of our beloved National Carnival events is set to be bigger and better than ever before. With a surge in contestant registration and substantial increases in prize monies, the stage is set for a thrilling and unforgettable celebration of our rich cultural heritage.

New Format for Soca Monarch – Power Soca Monarch “Cooler” Edition:
One of the most exciting developments this year is the introduction of the Power Soca Monarch “Cooler” Edition. A staggering 45 talented artists, including powerhouse names, have registered to participate this year in this spirited event. The anticipation surrounding this competition is palpable, and fans can expect an electrifying showdown that will set the carnival season on fire.

Exciting Name Changes:
In a nod to our commitment to innovation, we’re thrilled to announce the renaming of two of our beloved pageants:
– The National Carnival Queen Pageant is now the Miss St. Kitts and Nevis Queen Pageant.
– The Talented Teen Pageant is now the Miss Teen St. Kitts and Nevis Pageant.

These updates reflect our dedication to empowering and celebrating our youth while embracing the vibrant spirit of inclusivity.

Increased Participation for Miss St Kitts Nevis Queen and Miss Teen St. Kitts and Nevis:
We are delighted to report an increased participation rate for both the Miss St. Kitts and Nevis and Miss Teen St. Kitts and Nevis Pageants. The enthusiasm and talent displayed by our contestants promise to make these events unforgettable.

Diverse Line-up of Competitions:
Our Sugar Mas events continue to grow and diversify, with impressive numbers across the board:
– 17 Junior Calypsonians have registered to showcase their lyrical prowess.
– An astonishing 57 Senior Calypsonians have joined this year’s Proud Sounds and Legends Tents, promising a spectacular showdown.
Eight steel bands will compete for the coveted Panorama title.
– 14 J’ouvert Troupes, including four new additions, will bring the spirit of revelry to our streets.
– 9 Grand Parade Troupes, including three new Troupes will dazzle spectators.
– A total of 22 private events will ensure that Sugar Mas festivities are appealing to all of our local and visiting Sugar Mas Enthusiasts.

Enhanced Prize Monies:
To recognize and reward the exceptional talents of our participants, we are pleased to announce substantial prize money increases for select competitions:
– Power Soca Monarch: EC$20,000
– Panorama: EC$20,000
– Talented Teen: EC$10,000

These enhancements underline our commitment to supporting our artists and performers as they continue to elevate our Sugar Mas celebrations.

The St Kitts & Nevis Carnival Committee extends its heartfelt appreciation to the participants, sponsors, and the community for making these remarkable developments possible. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Sugar Mas season, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating the vibrant culture and spirit of unity that define our National Carnival.

For further information, sponsorship opportunities, or event details, please contact the Carnival Secretariat via 869-466-0058 or info@skncarnival.com.

About St Kitts & Nevis Carnival Committee:
The St Kitts & Nevis Carnival Committee is dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of St Kitts & Nevis through the vibrant celebration of Sugar Mas. Our mission is to unite our community in joy, unity, and artistic expression, fostering an atmosphere of togetherness that enriches the lives of all who participate.

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