Celian Martin Powell-Oldest Centenarian in the Federation Gets To 107

Charlestown-Nevis-It was dubbed ‘a red carpet affair’ and rightly so.
The family members of Celian MARTIN Powell, along with their friends and specially invited guests, including government officials, donned their red outfits, to salute the oldest human being in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, on Saturday 19th January.
After all, it was the day that Celian Martin Powell, celebrated her 107th birthday!

She was splendiferously attired in an outfit especially made by her special designer for the last several years, Ms. Tania Riley, who even though she has never met her personally, has utilized the measurements given to her, to ensure that ‘MAMA’ is immaculately attired each year that she celebrates another milestone.
This particular outfit, was even more unique, as it was topped off with a specially crafted blanket, complete with the national colours.
The proceedings were a lot shorter than usual this year and were skillfully guided along by Mrs. Irma Skelton, educator and granddaughter of the celebrant, who would have noted that ‘Mama’ is not as alert as she was in previous years, hence the reason why the ceremony had to be ‘short and sweet.’

Hon. Evelyn and Her Honour Hyleta Liburd and celebrant

The proceedings included the singing of some lively choruses; prayer by family member, Pastor Theophilus Kelly; scripture reading and the singing of the birthday song.
Included in those addressing the gathering, was Minister of Social Development, Hon. Eric Evelyn, who congratulated the federation’s oldest human being on the significant milestone and also paid special tribute to the family, for their sterling efforts in terms of her upkeep and maintenance, in collaboration with the Flambuoyant Senior Citizens home.

He noted that all of the centenarians on Nevis are from his constituency of Gingerland– a fact in which he takes great pride.

He then presented a plaque and a fruit basket on behalf of his Ministry and the City Drug store, to the celebrant.
Also making brief remarks, was Deputy Governor General, Her Honour, Mrs. Hyleta Liburd, who reminisced on her association with the celebrant in better times, when she heard her speak and gleaned from her wise counsel. She also warmly congratulated her and her family members, on the momentous occasion.

Grandson and personal attendant of the celebrant, Mr. Carlisle Powell, eloquently delivered the vote of thanks and then quite a number of the persons present, used the opportunity to get their special photos taken.
The ceremony concluded with lively music and refreshments.

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