CEMS Wins Again at Inter high Schools’ Championship

By Curtis Morton

The Charles E. Mills Secondary school, cemented its dominance of the annual Inter High Schools athletic championship, over the period, Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th March.

The event was held at the prestigious Kim Collins stadium and featured the top athletes, from 11 secondary schools within the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and another team that was unattached.

The event climaxed on Sunday 25th March with the finals of the 100 meters races and these certainly created much excitement for the packed stadium, which contained quite a number of Nevisians.

One of those races, featured Marcus Dubberry, formerly of the Charlestown Secondary School, but who showed up in CFBC colours on the day, versus the popular Demetri of the CEMS.

As Marcus exploded out of the starter’s block, so too did Demetri and then major disappointment for his fan base, as he pulled up suddenly, like an engine that had suddenly conked out, while Marcus raced toward the finish line, like a turbo, much to the delight of the Nevisian fan base.

Here are the overall results in terms of the placements of the teams:

Overall placements:

Charles E. Mills 27 gold 16 silver 19 bronze-62 medals-champions

Washington Archibald high 16 gold 12 silver 22 bronze-50 medals

Charlestown Secondary 15 gold 15 silver 11 bronze 41 medals

Basseterre High 12 gold 14 silver 11 bronze -37 medals

Immaculate Conception Catholic 6 gold 3 silver 4 bronze -13 medals

Verchilds High 5 gold 10 silver 8 bronze -23 medals

Clarence Fitzroy Bryant college 2 gold 4 silver 3 bronze-9 medals

Saddlers Secondary 2 gold 3 silver 1 bronze -6 medals

Unattached 2 gold 2 silver 2 bronze- 6 medals

Gingerland Secondary 1 gold 3 silver 2 bronze -6 medals

Cayon High 0 gold 6 silver 3 bronze 9 medals

Nevis International Secondary 0 gold 0 silver 1 bronze -1 medal

Charles E. Mills Secondary, winning for the fifth straight year.

Victor Ludorum-Ajani Mills –Verchilds High -42 points

Victrix Ludorum-Ayasmir Dolphin-Immaculate Conception Catholic-48 points



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