Centenarian Gets Grand Motorcade

By:Curtis Morton
Gingerland-Nevis-It may well be a first of its kind. On Tuesday 1st of November, Mrs. Mary Browne of River Path in Gingerland, became the latest centenarian to make it to the significant milestone of 100 years, in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.
Her family celebrated her in style:

 Mary Browne

Mary Browne

On Sunday 30th of October, Mrs. Browne was celebrated in a big way at the grand ‘Back to church’ service hosted by the St. George’s Anglican church. Later that same day, she was celebrated in the presence of government officials, family members and friends, at the St. Paul’s Anglican conference room.
Among those present, were: Premier Vance Amory; Hon. Mark Brantley; Permanent Secretary Keith Glasgow and Asst. Permanent Secretary, Miss D. Michelle Liburd.

On Tuesday 1st November, the actual birthdate of Mrs. Browne, she received an official visit from Minister responsible for Social Development in the NIA, Hon. Hazel Brandy –Williams and Asst. Permanent Secretary in her Ministry, Miss D. Michelle Liburd.
On that day, the traffic to and from River Path, was generally congested as scores of individuals passed by to wish the centenarian best wishes and to share in the festive atmosphere.
However, the family did not stop there. Just after 4pm, after completing her afternoon’s nap, Mrs. Browne was taken on a historic limousine ride, right through the island.
As a matter of fact, the motorcade, which commenced at River Path, included two limousines: The lead vehicle transported the honoured lady and some family members and the other limo transported some of her other family members.
It is opined that it is the first time that a centenarian has been taken on an island wide motorcade on achieving the significant milestone

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