Cervical Cancer month.

The month of January is observed as Cervical Cancer month. As an awareness activity, the Ministry of Health and the Health Promotion Unit will be doing a Pap Smear Drive under the theme LIFT YOUR SKIRT. SAVE YOUR LIFE for the entire month of January.   During this drive they are especially reaching out to sexually active females who’ve either never had a pap smear or haven’t had one in the last 3-5 years. A pap smear can be performed by a nurse at your local health centre FREE OF CHARGE.

Each of the following Health Centres is able to perform a pap smear throughout the year between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm on the following days.

  • Charlestown Health Centre – Fridays
  • Brown Hill and Gingerland Health Centres – Thursdays
  • Butlers and Combermere Health Centres – Wednesdays

The Charlestown Health Centre will facilitate pap smears for residents living in the Cotton Ground area. All sexually active females are asked to take advantage of this opportunity as Early Detection Saves Lives!!! 

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