CFU U14 Challenge Series A Learning Experience For Young Sugar Girlz

It has been a learning experience for the Young Sugar Girlz thus far as they continue to participate in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) U 14 Challenge Series tournament in Antigua and Barbuda. Though they lost the matches they played in thus far and another match unfinished due to weather, the girls’ coaches were full of praise for what they have been able to achieve. The team is being coached by Jaheida Lewis and Kaneisa Byron. Coach Lewis emphasized how the tournament has been a learning experience for the coaches and players.

“This is a big learning experience for both the coaches and the players. For the players, especially, this tournament was much more serious and required them to be a bit more focused, and they were given more responsibilities as players. It’s an honor for them to be playing for their country, respecting their country, and doing the best that they can to make their country proud,” she said.

Coach Byron noted that the players have come a long way. “They are aware of their shortcomings, both staff and players. And so we’re just trying to see how best we can correct our mistakes and try to see, going forward how much we can use the lessons learned to put it in play and help us to come out with hopefully a better game,” Byron said. “It’s a learning process for us all, and I do believe if we continue, both players and coaches (as well as) parents and everyone; if we continue to encourage the girls, and help them to prepare for the game both mentally and physically, they’ll be a lot better and ready for their next tournament, whenever that may be.”

The Young Sugar girls ended their CFU campaign with a 2-0 loss to Curacao on Wednesday. Up to the time of publication, they were expected to complete their unfinished match against Martinique at 7 p.m. Wednesday. That match was unfinished on Sunday due to rain.

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