A very intriguing friendly Basketball game was played at the Church ground hard court, on the evening of Saturday 16th December.

The Nevis Amateur Basketball Association, in collaboration with the SKABA officials, had arranged a friendly encounter between the JAY HAWKS out of St. Kitts and the CG Massives, out of Nevis.

CG Massives were the losing finalist in the recently concluded Malcolm Guishard Basketball league.

CG Massives, also included a few guest players from some of the other teams that participated in the Malcolm Guishard league.

The first quarter was intensely contested and saw both teams tied on points.

However, thereafter, despite the best efforts of the JAY HAWKS, they trailed on points in each quarter.

During the early stages of the final quarter, the game was intriguingly poised with the Massives on 50 points and the Hawks on 45.

However, the Massive players, cheered on by a partisan crowd, made some exciting plays, which included a three pointer by Mathew Harding and the play of the game and maybe of the year—a superb and emphatic dunk, by the big man-Kelvin Bramble.

The opposing player from the Jay hawks, fouled in the process and was sent tumbling unceremoniously off the court.

He later asked the camera man, to edit out that particular play.

Final score: CG Massives 65 Jay Hawks 48

1st quarter Jayhawks 17 Massives 17

2nd quarter Massives 14 Jayhawks 9

3rd quarter Massives 13 Jayhawks 11

4th quarter Massives 23 Jayhawks 11

Half time score: 29 to 26 in favour of Massives

CG Massives 65 points

Trevorne Simmonds 15 points; 3 rebs; 3 ass

Kareem Parry 11 points; 4 rebs; 1ass; 5 ste

Matthew Harding 7 points; 4 rebs; 5 ass;

Jay Hawks 48 points

Antonio Boyd 26 points; 12 rebs; 2 ass; 8 of 15 free throws made

Shavaughn Hendrick 5 points; 15 rebs; 3 ass

Avon Ward 8 points; 4 rebs; 1 ass; 4 st

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