It was a tense, tough and riveting encounter and certainly one deserving of a grand finals.

A sizeable and vocal crowd was on hand on Tuesday 21st July to witness the final encounter of the 2015 NABA league which was played at the Grell Hull-Stevens Netball Complex.

At the end of the third quarter, the Bronx Crisis team was leading the defending champions by one point. The scoreline then was Bronx Crisis 51 to CG Rebels 50.

With under three minutes remaining in the final quarter, Bronx Crisis was leading by a healthy six points and their bench was humming with anticipation.

With seconds on the clock, Bronx Crisis was leading by two points but Jenerson France sunk a crucial deuce and there was no time left for the Bronx men to respond.

They looked deflated, with the scores tied at the end of regulation time.

In the mandatory overtime, it was the resurgent CG rebels who took control of the game, sinking 10 points to the Bronx men’s 4.

Final score: CG Rebels 81 Bronx Crisis 75



Game summary:

1st quarter-CG Rebels 19 Bronx Crisis 18

2nd quarter-CG Rebels 18 Bronx Crisis 15

3rd quarter-Bronx Crisis 18 CG Rebels 13

4th quarter-CG Rebels 21 Bronx Crisis 20


CG Rebels 10 Bronx Crisis 4




  1. Jeffers

9pts, 16reb, 1ass, 1steal, 1b.shot, 1/2free throw


  1. Wilkinson

17pts, 4reb, 3ass, 2steal, 0b.shot, 2/2free throw


  1. Browne

9pts, 10reb, 3ass, 0steal, 1b.shot, 0free throw


  1. France

29pts, 13reb, 4ass, 2steal, 0b.shot, 1/3free throw


  1. Herbert

17pts, 6reb, 7ass, 1steal, 0b.shot, 4/11free throw


  1. Richards

0pts 0reb, 0ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw


Jerry Jeffers

0pts, 1reb, 1ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw




  1. Revan

15pts, 5reb, 3ass, 5steal, 0b.shot, 5/8free throw


  1. Warner

2pts, 1reb, 5ass, 1steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw


  1. Stapleton

3pts, 2reb, 2ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 1/2free throw


  1. Bramble

2pts, 15reb, 1ass, 0steal, 2b.shot, 0/2free throw


  1. Lewis

5pts, 3reb, 3ass, 1steal, 0b.shot, 1/2free throw


  1. Harding

21pts, 4reb, 1ass, 2steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw


  1. Smith

2pts, 3reb, 2ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw


  1. Belle

22pts, 23reb, 1ass, 0steal, 2/5free throw


It therefore means that the CG Rebels team has retained its championship trophy for yet another year.

Kudos to the Nevis Amateur Basketball Association and more especially President Wanda Parry and Vice President Veronica Brandy for all of their hard work and tremendous sacrifice.

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