CG Rebels Overpower Bronx Crisis

The exciting action continued in the Brown Hill Basketball tournament on the evening of Saturday 9th February, with a much anticipated matchup between CG Rebels and home team Bronx Crisis.
Bronx’s main supporter, the vociferous Julie, would be sorely disappointed, as after competing stoutly in the first three quarters, the Bronx team, lost all of the wind in their sails, during the final quarter and virtually gave up the ghost.
Final score:
CG Rebels 57 Bronx Crisis 45
CG Rebels
Jermie Jeffers 20 points; 5 rebounds; Jenerson France 19 points; 11 rebounds; Karvin Smith 6 points; 7 rebounds; Kirt Herbert 6 points; 3 rebounds

Bronx Crisis
Kelvin Bramble 20 points; 13 rebounds; Everson Webbe 13 points; 6 rebounds; Dwayne Warner 6 points; 3 rebounds
Meanwhile, in the first game of that evening, the youthful Eagles team, easily took care of Dynasty Ballers:

Eagles 73 Dynasty Ballers 55
Kareem Parry 18 points; 1 rebound; Nashawn Maynard 16 points; 8 rebounds Thabiti Abram 10 points; 4 rebounds
Dynasty Ballers
Trevorn Simmonds 25 points; 5 rebounds; Creg Angol 15 points; 13 rebounds

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