Charles Town Secondary School Wins ZIZ Speech Competition

Basseterre: St. Kitts, Students from across eight secondary schools within the Federation participated in the ZIZ 60th Anniversary Goldwin O Caines High School Speech Competition on Thursday, March 04, at the media house’s studio.

Students presented arguments on the topic “Making the case for Broadcast Media (Radio) in a world of Emerging Technology”. Head Judge and senior lecturer at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC), Mr Leroy St. Clair Pemberton, expressed to the participants and members in the audience, “we [judges] found the topic was very well researched and we appreciate the use of expert knowledge, the local and personal colour which made it relevant”.

The Charlestown Secondary School’s representative and sole male participant in the contest, Hrishikesh Srinivasan, emerged the champion amassing a grand total of 44 points of the allotted 50. Second place was awarded to Malika Benjamin of the Basseterre High School with a total of 40 points, while Charles E. Mills Secondary School (CEMSS) secured the third position as its representative, Tiphara Browne amassed 39 points.

In expressing congratulatory remarks to the participants, Minister of Education, Honourable Jonel Powell, noted that the participants presented interesting and factual information. A special commendation was extended to Hrishikesh Srinivasan the only male participant by Minister Powell.

“All of you are winners, you did a marvellous job, an excellent job”, stated Mr. William Vincent Hodge, Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Education. “It was very close, very well executed and very well prepared speeches and presentations…” he said, as he expressed thanks and congratulatory remarks.

The goal of the Goldwin O Caines Speech competition according to Karla Berridge, in her welcome and introductory remarks was “to provide an opportunity to high school students for the development of their research, writing skills, and a platform to embrace the challenges and joy of public speaking”

Goldwin Caines served the citizens of the Federation as a radio broadcaster for many years. He was then general manager of the ZIZ Radio Station from 1981- 1987.

“Goldwin O Caines understood that radio was the theatre of the mind and through his commentary, he brought to life the colour, the sounds and pageantry of many events in St. Kitts and Nevis, and even shared in our sorrows.” Ms. Berridge said.

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