Charlestown Methodist Church Committee Back to School Ceremony

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-Following its ‘back to school’ ceremony for the primary schools in the St. Paul’s Parish on the island of Nevis, the Charlestown Methodist Church Committee held a similar event for the Charlestown Secondary School on Monday, September 12, 2016.The students marched from the Memorial Square  and proceeded to the church.

The ceremony began with the Invocation which was followed by the National Anthem.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Wakely Daniel, gave some brief remarks on behalf of Premier, Hon Vance Amory who was unable to attend the event. Daniel told those gathered that the occasion felt like he was home again at the Charlestown Secondary School because he taught at the school for ten (10) years.

Daniel encouraged the children to stay away from bad company who might want to influence them to do wrong things especially at school. He continued, “There will be some persons who are your friends or so called friends who might encourage you to steal and smoke or even skip classes but you have to say no to those types of persons”. In closing, Mr. Daniel warned the students to be diligent in school and work hard towards their goals.

The ceremony was of utmost importance in order to start the students off on the right track for the new school year. Mrs. Palsy Wilkin, Principal Education Officer was of the view that too many times persons ignore the blessings bestowed by God. She also indicated that the event was of great importance to the children because parents do not take their children to church like before. Mrs. Wilkin pointed out that when she was growing up, every child had to attend church whether they were in favour of it or not. In conclusion she implored the children to be respectful to their teachers and that teachers should respectful to their students.

The staff of the school performed through song and dance.

Pastor Wayne Maynard gave the Sermon.



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