Charlestown Primary Gets Into Primary Schools’ Football League Finals, Via Penalty Kick Offs

The battle lines were well and truly drawn on Friday 22nd November, at the ET Willet Park.  This, as the Charlestown Primary School, faced off with arch-rivals, the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School, for a spot in the grand finals.  The last time the two teams met, it was an epic battle, which resulted in a 1-all draw.

The cheerleaders were out for both teams and there was tension ‘in the oval.’  Both teams started cautiously as if testing the waters and then after a defensive blunder on behalf of the CPS team, the EPPS team, slammed one home, from the awarded free-kick.  The only thing, Headmistress Pemberton did not do, was to somersault!

Not long after however, an obviously peeved Charlestown team managed to bomb one home as well, also from a free-kick and the two teams went to half time on 1 goal each.
The second half was hard-fought and the two goalkeepers on either side of the field proved that they are obviously two of the better ones at the Primary level, as they forced to make some fantastic saves.

At the end of regulation time, the scores were still nicely tied up and Referee Audain called for the penalty kick offs-5 attempts per team.

At the end of that pressure situation, the Charlestown team had scored four goals and the EPPS team could only respond with 2.  Therefore, the Charlestown Primary School has secured a place in the upcoming grand finals.

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